Eat Drink Style Waiting: A Nice Look at Corporate Craphole Restaurants

Last week, I rented Waiting from Netflix. I don't know if it's suitable for everyone, but working in the restaurant industry, I found it humorous. The movie is about a bunch of employees that work at a Bennigan's-type restaurant, named Shenanigans. The funny part of the movie is that it's shot 98% of the time in the restaurant, and you get a feel for what it's like to make $7 hr at TGIF or Red Robin. If you remember Chotchsky's from Office Space, this is sort of what it's like. You get the angry customers, jokester employees, foul-mouthed cooks and lowlife manager.

Things to pay attention to in the movie:

"The Game" - I can't stop laughing about this
Anything Dane Cook says - great comedian
The Busboys
What the cooks do to your food - if you're a nitpicking foodblogger, you deserve this

I seriously thought this would be a stupid movie b/c I don't like Ryan Reynolds or Justin Long, but they did a good job making me laugh. DO NOT THINK OF ME DIFFERENTLY if you dislike the movie haha.

My lesson to everyone: be nice to the people that serve your food.


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