Eat Drink Style DIY Sushi Karen - Sushi Karen, Culver City

After frequenting Sushi Karen nearly 7 times and achieving the Cheers (where everybody knows your name) status, I decided to try my hand at this. I took J there last week and she really liked SK's Amberjack Jalapeno Kanpachi sushi: a thin slice of fish similar to Hamachi (yellowtail), fresh pureed garlic, a jalapeno slice and fresh yuzu soy sauce.

We went down to the Mitsuwa market in Little Tokyo and bought a decent block of yellowtail for about $9. We couldn't find fresh yuzu, so we purchased the bottled kind for about $5. If anyone knows where I can find FRESH YUZU fruit, please inform me. I will gladly grow a Yuzu orchard in my front yard. Once we got back, we used a sushi rice recipe that we found from Ming Tsai that called for mirin, vinegar and sugar. J had already made some rice and we unplugged the rice cooker, leaving the rice to cool down a bit. If the rice is too hot, it'll cook the raw fish. No goohr.

Since I didn't own a sashimi knife, I made sure to bring my Global Santoku knife for slicing the fish. I made 2" diagonal cuts on the beautiful block of fish, which yielded nearly 20 slices. This was my first time making sushi as I was quite nervous and afraid they'd look ugly.

Here goes the first one. I made an oval-shaped lump of rice and added the fish on top of it. I then topped the fish with some freshly-pressed garlic, a thin slice of jalapeno and a few drops of soy sauce/yuzu.

Everything tasted really good and fresh, only the rice could've been better. The rice didn't clump together as I had hoped, and I think we put too much vinegar and sugar. We will try less next time. Overall, you can't complain about a $10 sushi meal.

Does anyone know a good place to get sashimi knives for a reasonable price?

Thanks for reading.

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