Eat Drink Style One Block of Fish -- Two Delicious Meals

With places like Sasabune and Yabu in the Sawtelle area, one doesn’t have to travel far for melt-in-your-mouth sushi. But you’ll find yourself driving to the ATM quite frequently. It’s a fact, good sushi isn’t cheap and neither are those aforementioned places. So do what I do when you’re checking account is in double digits. Go buy your own block of fish!

After checking out all the Japanese markets on Sawtelle and Mitsuwa on Centinela, I found my tuna block. I think I spent about $12. I thought about going to Ralph’s, but I had been warned by my friends to go to a Japanese market instead. It is said that the fish meat is injected with food coloring to feign freshness. Terrible.

Here’s my seared tuna salad. Cut the block in half and dipped it in sesame seeds with a little salt. Sear both sides for about 2 minutes on medium heat until an 1/8 of an inch is browned. Slice up some green onions (curly style) and make your own marinade. You can use Angelo Pietro’s fantastic dressing or just conjure up a soy sauce/vinegar/sugar/sesame oil dressing in a matter of seconds.

The remaining half of the block requires no cooking. Just sashimi it with a few radish sprouts. Instead of using plain sauce, I like to microplane garlic and ginger and mix it in with the soy sauce. I had it this way in Hong Kong and haven't eaten sushi any other way.

For a side dish I like to eat cold tofu with soy sauce, furikake, bonito flakes and sesame oil. And also a cold wakame (seaweed) salad which consists of salt, sugar, vinegar, white pepper and sesame seeds. Enjoy.

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