Eat Drink Style Taco Tour with New York-Based Vendr.TV

Taco Crawl with New York's

A few months back, I received an email from someone from New York that runs his own internet-based street food show called Vendr.TV. I was already exhausted from my taco table escapades over the last year but it's hard for me to not want to help anyone that wants delicious food. Part of being a foodie isn't just knowing where to find the best of anything, but also the ability to read someone's mind and stomach and help them find their edible soulmates. So a few weeks later, Daniel Delaney, producer and host came down for a quick taco tour.

Taco Crawl with New York's

I believe he was to meet Roy Choi of Kogi BBQ later at night so we only did three of my favorite taco stands in the eastside. We checked out Fletcher/Larga, Verdugo/Avenue 31 and Figueroa/Pasadena. It had been almost 4 months since I last touched a taco, but once I took a bite out of crisped up buche (pig stomach), I rememebered why I loved it so much. I was actually very surprised how much Daniel could put down. In addition to the tacos, one stand even treated us with their delicious squash blossom huaraches and quesadillas.

Thanks to Daniel for letting me be a host – great meeting you and appreciate your open-mindedness. Thanks for reading.

Watch the video here.

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