Eat Drink Style Salmon Makes For A Good Snack

Happy Saturday everyone. Just wanted to post on a snack I had one Saturday. The difference between raw and cooked salmon is night and day. Cooked salmon becomes fishy and dry. But it's the best when raw... so sweet and somewhat similar in fattiness/softness to hamachi (yellowtail).

I think salmon sushi is probably the most beautiful looking out of the common dishes. Ikura (salmon roe) is also nice to look at. The lines in salmon remind me of the marbling on a nice juicy steak. Mmm. Sometimes when I'm at Mitsuwa or Marukai, I'm tempted to buy a block of salmon and just eat it like a sandwich.

I got this block at Mitsuwa for like $5 and yielded nearly 18 small pieces of nigiri sushi. I put too much wasabi in between the rice and fish. Nose-hair fire!

What's your favorite kind of sushi?

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