Eat Drink Style Angelo Pietro's Raw Potato Salad

When I was in Hawaii last year, I was stoked to find out that there was an Angelo Pietro restaurant. Angelo Pietro manufactures some of the best tasting salad dressings. I'm not one for salad, not even a giant taco salad, but this dressing does wonders. For this dish, the restaurant used the Sesame-Miso flavor. Because of my high cholesterol, I felt a salad would do me some good. It's a light, quick and tasty meal.

Party Time
(1) Peel the potatoes and dunk them in some water right away. Add a little vinegar so that they don't oxidize as quickly. Chill this in the fridge for about 30 minutes.
(2) When you're ready to eat, run the potatoes throw a vegetable grater or mandolin. Put them in a bowl of ice water right away. You wanna serve this as quickly as possible or the potatoes will oxidize.
(3) Have the radish sprouts, bonito flakes, green onions, furikake and Angelo Pietro's Sesame-Miso dressing on hand. Fried garlic is optional. I had some on hand and just tossed them in for some extra flavor.
(4) Strain the grated potatoes and squeeze out as much water as possible. Add the toppings and pour the sauce all over. Enjoy.

***The Sesame-Miso is quite acidic, if you love the flavor of sesame oil, it wouldn't hurt to add a few drops to counter the acidity.

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